I'm a product designer based in Warsaw, Poland.
I design useful and enjoyable apps.
Chuck - Smart Email
How an email app could help people maintain their busy inboxes?
Getting inbox under control As a part of a product team I was responsible for design of an email cleanup tool for iOS. The goal was to help people with huge amount of messages to organize and clean their inboxes.

Chuck launched as a cleanup tool, but people quickly started to expect a fully fledged email client. So, we had to make it one. During this challenging transition we relied on analytics and testing, to find the best feature set for our users.

Our next goal was to increase the revenue – through the series of incremental changes and UI tweaks we doubled it in a year.

I worked on mockups, live prototypes, UI designs, analytics, and helped with various marketing efforts.
30% improvement in
sign-up rate

Redesigned sign-up flow helped more users get through the process.
20% increase in IAP

Updated IAP store design and simplified listings convinced more people to subscribe.
25% more landing page

Updated content and value proposition on our landing page led to more downloads.
Outread - Speed Reading Trainer
How might we motivate people to read more?
Speed-reading redesigned Outread is a speed-reading app for iOS, designed to help people get through their reading lists. Our main differentiator was the highlighter, marking words in the text, rather than showing one word at a time.

This resulted in a more natural and pleasant experience. But it turned out the typical approach was also useful in some cases. People quickly started to expect both modes, so we had to redesign the app to accomodate for this functionality.

Our biggest challenge came with the changes in the App Store. Outread started as a paid app, but as free apps became the norm, we had to redesign the app for the IAP model to stay profitable.

I created mockups, designed UI and helped with app promotion.
Minimum Delightful

Outread did one thing, and did it well. We solved one specific problem and only then expanded on the solution, guided by suggestions we got.
Well received by Apple and
the press

Outread was featured by Apple on the US App Store front page and was covered by popular media sites.
Climbed to the top charts in the App Store
With strategic updates and marketing efforts we climbed to the top of the App Store charts.
Earlier work
UX Consulting
In the span of 5 years I worked with over 20 international startup companies. I closely collaborated with designers and developers.

I lead UX workshops, helped figuring out project scope and determine priorities. I was preparing various deliverables, ranging from mockups, charts, app flows, live prototypes. I was designing advanced web apps, development tools and mobile apps for both iOS and Android.

I also participated in usability testing and traveled for user shadowing sessions, to get the better understanding of the problems I had to solve.
Writing archive
Thoughts on mobile interfaces