Outread - Speed Reader
The new way to speed read through
your saved articles.
Outread is a speed-reading app designed to help people get through their reading lists. My goal was to create a design with a fresh approach to that problem.
Other speed-readers show users only one word at a time. Unfortunately this solution makes them feel detached from the text they're reading.

Speed-Reading redesigned

Guided Reading turned out to be a better solution. Highlighting marker, leading the eyes through the text, solves the missing context problem and makes the training applicable to regular reading.

Adding the elements known from music players, like progress bar or playback icons, made the app incredibly intuitive – tap the play button and let Outread playback the article for you.

Focusing on user needs

The whole interface was limited to only two main views, reading list and article view. Switching article sources without the need to go back emphasizes the “speed” aspect of the app.

In addition, “Read next” and the auto-archive options were introduced to encourage further reading.

The result

Outread was warmly accepted by the press and the users.

The app was featured by Apple on the US App Store home page and reached Top 10 Paid Productivity (US).

Rise - Online banking application
User Centered approach to
online banking.
Personal Project
With the increasing popularity of UX, banks start to realize that understanding user needs is becoming a deciding factor to their app's success.
Banking startup Simple is a great example of this trend. Inspired by its success I decided to carefully observe my financial behaviors.

User needs

Designed interface is a result of writing down a few simple observations, which encouraged me to analyze user habits for the online banking applications.

By direct observations I've managed to discover behaviors and needs that remained mainly unadressed by existing apps.

UI Design

The main challenge was to find a way to simplify the structure, while simultaneously keeping the most important features easily accessible for all main types of users.

I created two mockups presenting different approaches to the problem. User surveys helped me choose a better solution.

Guerilla Tests allowed me to verify the overall experience of the app and detect the main usability issues. Thanks to them I was able to increase the efficiency of the eye-tracking study.

The result

Eye-tracking results were carefully analyzed. Based on the gathered data I formed a list of changes for the UI and created the final design along with selected interactions.