Hello, I'm Kamil! Product designer based in Warsaw
I specialize in productivity
& motivation apps.
My thoughts on the future of UX
Case Studies
Chuck - Smart Email
How an email app could help people maintain their busy inboxes?
As a part of a product team I was responsible for overall design of a new email cleanup tool for iOS, Chuck. Our main goal was to help people with overwhelming amount of messages to organize and clean their inboxes.

Instead of relying on AI, Chuck simply groups messages by various categories. You can manage sets of messages at once, while having full control over the app.

I worked on mockups, live prototypes, UI designs and helped with various marketing efforts.
“Great interface to remove clutter, makes even clutter look organized”

App Store review
Chuck started as a cleanup tool, but people were starting to expect a fully fledged email client – so we had to make it one.

During this challenging transition we relied heavily on analytics and testing, to find the perfect feature set for our users.

Due to the small size of our team, we had to study analytics and pick challenges carefully. Each big idea was split into phases to get feedback ASAP.
“I cleaned 90,000 old emails in one day, and this app made it easy and fun to do”

App Store review
Major code rewrite allowed for better experience and more advanced functionality. We were finally able to match user expectations, fully.

Our next big challenge was increasing the revenue – through the series of incremental changes and design tweaks we were able to double it in a year.
30% improvement in
sign-up rate
20% increase in IAP
25% more landing page conversions
Featured by Apple
Outread - Speed Reading Trainer
How might we motivate people to read more?
Outread is a speed-reading app for iOS, designed to help people get through their reading lists.

All speed-reading apps were based on a RSVP technique – flashing one word at a time, at high speeds.

We decided to take a different approach. Outread shows a full page of text, but guides your eyes through it by highlighting the part you should be reading at the moment.

This technique helps you keep a fast pace, and what’s more, seeing the whole text makes the speed reading feel natural.
“Convenient, easy to use and somewhat addictive”

App Store review
Outread did one thing, and did it well. We solved one specific problem and only then expanded on the solution. We released it as a MVP to get feedback and set the correct priorities.

To our surprise, it quickly turned out that the RSVP technique was also useful in some cases. People liked the highlighter, but came to expect both modes. We had to redesign the app to accomodate for this additional functionality.
“I have increased my reading two fold since using this app”

App Store review
With strategic updates and marketing efforts we climbed to the top of the App Store charts.

Our biggest challenge came with the changes in the App Store. Outread started as a paid up-front app, but as free apps started become the norm, we had to restructure the interface for the in-app purchase model to stay profitable.

Most popular option for adding text into the app was left free, others were paid.

Switching to IAP improved sales, gave us a 5% day-7 retention right from the start. With further updates we pushed to 8%, by adding stats, book catalogue and color themes.
Featured by Apple
Reached top charts in the App Store
Well received by the press
Mailstrom – Clean up your inbox now
How companies might improve their internal communication?
Currently I am leading a major redesign of a SaaS productivity app. I am working directly with developers in a product team to bring in a new version of Mailstrom app.

Scope of work: Design library, Color Palettes, UI Flows, Mockups, Animations, Responsive UI, Marketing Assets.
Summary of other projects
I’ve consulted for over 20 international startups
I lead UX workshops, helped figuring out project scope and determine priorities. I was preparing various deliverables, ranging from mockups, charts, app flows, live prototypes. I also participated in UX research sessions and user-shadowing to get the better understanding of the problems I had to solve.

I was designing advanced web apps, development tools and mobile apps for both iOS and Android.
AI UX, Zero-UI flows, ML dev tools